I Lit Dried Spaghetti This Weekend!

Good Morning,

Today I wanted to tell you about my war with a pillar candle.  I have one of those huge pillars about 8 inches tall and probably 8 inches around and I hate to light it because it doesn’t melt in a way that makes it easy to re-light the bugger.  But the problem with candles is that they are meant to be lit, so what good is a candle that you can’t light?

This weekend I struggled vainly to get the little 2 inch match into the well to light the thing.  I was burning my fingers burning the top of the wick, but I wasn’t getting enough flame to the candle to start the fire.

It was frustrating so I went online and I found a site that bragged about using dried spaghetti to light those candles.  I immediately grabbed my pringles cannister filled with dried noodles and I lit one.

Voila!  My house smelled like burned spaghetti and the flame on the tip of my noodle was never going to light a candle!  What a bummer.

So today I’m going to ask you- does anyone out there know how to light those candles that grow deep wells?  I did read a post where someone just burned down about a half an  inch or so in those big candles and then added a tea light.  That sounds like great advice for next time, I’m still stuck with this one though.

Oh, another thing about tea candles that I’m going to try is taking them out of their little tinny thing and dripping wax on the bottom where that wick is  then when you set them in a pretty glass bowl filled with water you have your own homemade floating candles.

Let me try it here before you attempt it at home 🙂




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