ALEC Is Unfriended By Walmart!

If you read my blog you’ll know that I had a couple of worries about the American Legislative Executive Council, or more simply, ALEC.  I didn’t worry about it’s ties to conservative leaders, but I did worry about it’s sophisticated method of inducing our leaders into inserting it’s proposals into law as if those proposals were all sanctioned by, well, by all Americans.  Their ideas about tort reform, and the privatization of schools, and stand your ground laws don’t frighten me, they are not however, the same goals I would stand behind to support.

In my opinion then, it was good news to hear that several companies have recently stepped aside from ALEC, companies like Pepsi and Coke and Walmart and the Gates Foundation.  It may be a short term move to allay voter fears but it shows me that my fears were held by a lot of other interested folks.  It’s one thing to feel anxious alone, it’s much more comforting to know that there are other legislators and business people who understand my concerns and act on them.

I don’t think there are any quick fixes in life.  I think that there are always going to be ramifications to our actions and anyone that paints  a rainbow picture showing how life would be so much better if only we supported their law, or if only we agreed to their restrictions is in my opinion a liar or a fool.  There is a lot to fix in government policy but I hope that we do it with the kind of clear thinking that will keep this country strong.




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