Graduation Practice! I Think I’m Ready!

Gulp, is it graduation practice time already?

Where did the years go?

I remember a smiling toddler with grimy hands asking to be carried, she was so confident that the simple  lift of her pudgy little arms meant Mommy or Daddy would scoop her up.

I remember seeing her sing in the choir.  I heard her voice so  tiny and yet so strong that simply hearing her made me well up with proud tears.

I remember a little girl biting her tongue while she struggled with math homework. Her pencil drawing figures in the air.

I remember the phone calls from the school nurse asking me to come get her because she had a tummy ache or a mild fever.

I remember her school friends, a motley crew of noisy fun filled kids who were always there to make her laugh.

This morning I begged her to stop eating cereal so I could take a snapshot of her dressed in her graduation dress.

Those tears started welling up again and I shook my hands and took a deep breath and I grinned at her and I said ” okay, I’m ready”.

I got a kiss on the cheek and off she went.

I took a last photo of her getting on the bus with her little sister.

Something is making me feel awfully sniffly this morning.

Awwww, best of luck to all of our brand new Grads!

Especially to my beautiful baby girl who will hate that I’m being such a mopey old thing.





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