Sit Ups And Me!

Monday night I did 12 sit ups.  I felt winded and I decided to lay on the floor looking at the ceiling for a little while.

Tuesday night I did 24 sit ups and then I did 40 leg lifts on each side and then I did a set of arm lifts.

Wednesday night I did 32 sit ups and 40 leg lifts and then I pressed into a plank position with just my upper body about 12 times.

It takes all of about a half an hour and I do it right before bed, which some people would berate me for, but it’s sort of relaxing for me.  Well, hell it’s either relaxing or exhausting but either way I fall asleep afterwards and sleep well.

I’m mentioning it for a couple of reasons.  First I didn’t believe that I could start exercising with a small number of reps and build up.  I thought that was silly, it was all or nothing and so I’ve killed myself an awful lot over the years.  This time I had no choice but to start by doing almost nothing…and surprisingly the next day I could do more and then the next day even more. So I’m not just whistling through my teeth when I say you can start by doing one sit up and the next day try two.

Secondly, I’m getting older and I don’t want to get sidelined with aches, pains and problems from being overweight and out of shape.  I want to get healthier and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get a whole lot easier any time soon, so I might as well  start now.  Again, I’m not going to fly headlong into my health plan this time.  I’m making real changes and they are going to take practice.

Thirdly, which doesn’t sound quite as sophisticated as saying secondly, I think there are other people that want to get healthier just like me.  So I’m going to talk about my experience.  If you don’t care to read about it, just pass on these posts.  I don’t care.

If you want to join me, or you have advice, or you want to talk about your healthy life choices- feel free to send me an email at mogallant@gmail.com






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