Bath Salts Fears!

The other day I was talking with someone about all the reporting in the news on ‘Bath Salts’.  This person thought that we were talking about the kind of salts that people use in tubs for bubbles, or for scents or for simply relaxing.  I said no, these are just called ‘Bath Salts’ by disreputable distributors to avoid selling what might be considered a drug otherwise.

I thought that more people should know that, afterall, most of us aren’t in the business of knowing which foreign substance is which.  Lordy,  I’m not either, but as I’ve told you a million times before, if I want to know something I’m compelled to dig into it.

Okay, so let’s get back to our Bath Salts.  The real name should be something like MDPV plus whatever the processor feels like adding to it.  The longer much tougher to pronounce name is methylenedioxypyrovalerone.

Let me take a moment to say that my information comes from reading about this stuff.  I don’t do drugs although I’m sure that  a lot of people who  use drugs say exactly the same thing- I really don’t, unless you want to say that over the counter drugs like aspirin should be included, I’ve certainly taken aspirin on occasion but honestly  I even hesitate to use aspirin.  I take vitamins and I take in way too much caffeine, but no illegal or hard drugs are in my system.

I found a site I’ll call ‘Erowid’.  Look it up if you need to I’m not linking.  It’s a very interesting site because it supposedly gives first hand accounts of drug users experiences.  It could be totally fabricated…but after reading for a while it seems that certain themes arise for each drug.  In the case of MDPV users said that they felt overheated and that explains them removing clothing.  They also had the feeling that they weren’t in control of their bodies.  When they were able to complete a task many of them found themselves doing the same thing repeatedly without the ability to stop.  They were paranoid and often felt like there were things crawling on them, or attacking them.  They said it was like a cocaine high in that they felt energetic and capable and they did things like cleaned their homes or created lists for their entire lives, or had really deep conversations with friends who were also high.

The down trip was awful for a lot of folks and to avoid it they would take another hit whether by inhaling it or putting it under their tongue or by smoking it.  What was odd was that a lot of folks who said they used it said they didn’t like the feeling, they didn’t like the awful chemical taste, they didn’t like the “tweaking” as they came off it.  And overuse left some people frightened about actually changing the way they thought.  For example one person said they felt they saw everything more clearly but they couldn’t see what they called the whole picture anymore.  So in order to grasp information they had to look very carefully at each piece of the whole.

Also, while this chemical cocktail gave people a rush, the period that they were ‘high’ was relatively short.  The rest of the time this chemical was in their system they recognized their inability to complete tasks in a sane way which many of them found annoying.

In all of the responses on the Erowid site I didn’t find any that said I wanted to eat someone’s face off.  No users stopped friends from ingesting due to fears of their acting out.  No one said this stuff is going to make you want to bite people.  The one guy who said it would make you a zombie seemed to mean that your body wasn’t yours to control.  He wound up digging at his eyes when he tried to wipe them.  He didn’t remove his eyes, he just struggled with not being able to move his hands away without a fight.

Personally I’m worried that the news and the authorities are blaming the heinous behavior of that man in Florida who attacked the homeless man.  A drug analysis of his blood will take more than a couple of day and it’s very difficult to test for MDPV in the blood.  That isn’t to say it is not possible, it’s just that it isn’t part of the standard accepted blood tests for toxic substances.  Not knowing how this guy might have ingested this stuff makes it harder to judge what he had in him.

Still, the news all over is saying it’s the bath salts.  Seems a little odd to me.  I just laid out a number of  reasons people shouldn’t ingest that crap, but that doesn’t mean that this guy in Florida was high on this material.

The oddest thing I found in reading up on users experiences was that they don’t use only one drug at a time.  They’ll use something they inhale, and they’ll follow that up with some alcohol, or some marijuana or some more serious drugs that they bought off the street.  That is something I was shocked by.  I mean I sort of think it’s bad enough to pollute your system with one drug, how crazy do you have to be to mix in additional poisons?  Don’t these folks care about their hearts?  Or their livers?  Or their kidneys?

Oh, one other thing…When people ingested bath salts, they weren’t hungry.  I know eating a man’s face isn’t  the same as having a meal..but a lot of the users weren’t able to even have a sip of water so that makes me think that our attacker wasn’t using these bath salts, at least not as his primary drug.

We’ll leave it there.  I’m afraid there aren’t any easy answers.  But I’m posting this because this drug is in the news.  Those of us who have never imagined using it have no idea what people are talking about and those of us who have ordered it and used it probably don’t like thinking about it because it didn’t meet expectations.

Once more for the record, I don’t like using drugs at all.   A couple years back I was prescribed a blood pressure medication  and it made me feel like coughing plus it was the first time in my life I experienced drug paranoia.  When I told the doctor about an all over body rash, plus the cough and the paranoia he actually had the nerve to tell me that the cough was probably due to the drug, but the other experiences weren’t “normal” contraindications.  Hmmm, So there I was displaying a non-itchy all over body rash and he told me that no one on record ever got  that from this drug.  It  then occurred to me that doctors can be incredibly dense.   Nice guy, but dense.










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