Swim In The Ool!

The Ool isn’t a river you’ve never heard of.  It is a ‘Pool’ without ‘p’ in it!  Yes, I’m going to be talking about pee and pools.

This is a disgusting post isn’t it?  WE don’t tend to like talking about body waste even though each of us spends an awful lot of our lives urinating or defecating- Heck, if we didn’t we’d be sorry!   We don’t like talking about it and we hate thinking about it when we are thinking  about pools!  Can I get a witness?


You know me even if it isn’t polite to talk about urinating I’m going to do it.I’m doing it because  I read about adults peeing in pools.  There are actually statistics that suggest that one in five adults have urinated in a pool.  Pretty gross eh?  But these authorities are warning against peeing in pools because pee eats chlorine. And because pee ( is that how you spell it?)  has nitrogen in it. Nitrogen isn’t good for pools.

Pool specialists say that a properly chlorinated pool shouldn’t smell like chlorine, hmmm, what I mean to say is that they say that a properly chlorinated pool shouldn’t have the traditional pool smell.  They say that smell is chloramine which is what happens when chlorine breaks down thanks to things like nitrogen in the water.  It is the chloramine that makes our eyes red, or so they say.

Now it’s time for me to disagree with the news even though I’m not a specialist in anything!

Red eyes are a symptom of irritation.  To say that chlorine in pools wouldn’t be enough to make your eyes red is nonsensical.   Actually, I think it’s a little outrageous.  I think that red eyes can be a sign that you’ve got something in your eyes that bothers them- I’m sure that some people are bothered by chlorine.

Second issue-

Also, remember I was talking to you the other day about blue-green algae?  Remember I said that it liked lakes and streams and ponds, well what I didn’t say was  that it liked them even more if they had high phosphorus and nitrate levels.  Now it is interesting that  the CDC is thinking about coming up with pool water safety rules, but they are focusing on human or animal interactions with  water.  They aren’t talking about environmental concerns.  Like let’s talk about that pool that is in the back yard.  Has the family that owns it fertilized their lawn?  Or has the pool facility fertilized it’s lawn?  See, that would be an instant way to pollute a pool with excess nitrogen or phosphorus but why mention that when we can blame people for urinating in the pool!

I’m not saying that people don’t pee in pools.  And I have to agree that thinking about it is disgusting and reprehensible and all that…but I don’t think that that is the biggest problem we have with bacteria in pools.

By the way, DON’T PEE IN THE POOL!






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