Skin Eating Disease Freaks Me Out!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels anxious when they hear about a disease that puts victims into comas and causes them to lose body parts and or skin in relatively large amounts.  It’s freaky!

It seems like we are hearing more about this illness lately so I can’t help but wonder about it.  The part that disturbs me the most is there isn’t enough information presented in the news to allay my fears.  All I know is that four of the victims in the US were from GA, and one was in SC. They are all ages and both genders.  I  don’t know the health of  the patients but it looks like it runs the gamut so if it isn’t about their health, then what laid them up?

As I read about flesh eating diseases, which trust me wasn’t fun, I found that these diseases are much more common in Asia and in Australia.  In Australia they refer to it as “gardeners disease’ because the folks that get it are often working in the soil.   Now to be fair, that type of illness is caused by a bacteria called  burkholderia pseudomallei, but it has outcomes  that are very similar to the illnesses we are seeing in GA and SC.  What is even more  troubling to me is that this bacteria shows up in lots of places around the world most of them as I mentioned are in Asia, but there are also two locations in the US…ready?  One is in Hawaii and the other is in GEORGIA!

Now why wouldn’t anyone mention this bacteria as a possible bug in the patients who came down with flesh  eating  disease?  Well, it may be that it has nothing to do with their illnesses, remember we said this flesh eating stuff can come from several bacteria,   It may be that this disease if it is melioidosis, isn’t one that anyone is going to talk about here in the US because some scientists are concerned that it could be a bio-weapon.

Wow, that is really freaky isn’t it?

How do you turn an Australian disease, Whitmore’s Disease into a biological weapon?   Well, you take it from an area that has it and you release it into an area that doesn’t normally have it. .  like we could take  it from Asia and release it in the US.

Am I saying that this current outbreak has anything to do with biological  warfare?

NO.  Absolutely not.

I’m saying  that Georgia has had a number of people suffering with this kind of illness in the past at higher numbers than anywhere else in America.  That isn’t in the news, but it’s apparently true.

Also, we see if we look at the medical papers that  Patients with compromised immune systems suffer the worst with gastrointestinal problems and breathing problems and soft skin suppurations or soft tissue  wounds.

What does that mean?

I can’t answer that question.  I mean on it’s face it  doesn’t mean  anything.  Honestly,  none of what I’m saying actually has any meaning.  I”m just trying to step back and take a bigger picture of the events at hand.  But the clues lead me to be suspicious that the cascade effect of this bacteria on the body is important for what could be just a minor illness in some people  to turn into something more  devastating for others.   Like it looks like  a lot of folks with diabetes mellitus seem to come down with the soft tissue illnesses.

You might be saying” diabetes?  You mean that disease fat people get?”


Diabetes is an illness that you can get at any size, but we see it often goes hand in hand with weight gain because it is an illness that interferes with the way the body processes fuel or sugar in our body.  If you have a problem processing the food you intake then it’s quite possible that you’re going to feel ravenous,, or that you’ll retain water and fat.

Why am I even talking about diabetes?  Well, as I said patients that were on a diabetes medication were not dying from Whitmore’s disease.  At first scientists thought it was the medication those patients were taking..but that didn’t kill the bacteria!  So then they thought maybe it had something to do with blood sugar!  Now we are getting to why I’m telling you about it.

Controlling blood sugar may be an important key in protecting yourself from some horrible illnesses that destroy your body!  But our  diets are filled with sugar and most of us are on a regular roller coaster when it comes to blood sugar levels so how can we be safe?

I can’t guarantee anyone’s safety!  Again, I will repeat that I cannot and am not in the business of making people safe.  I wish I had that ability but I don’t.  All I can do is read what I find and try to sew it into something that makes sense.

Let’s get back to blood sugar.  I mentioned blood sugar and I’ve got to tell you that in my uneducated opinion it seems ridiculous that humans need a medication to handle blood sugar problems doesn’t it?  I mean, I can handle needing a natural food supplement for average folks, but I can’t imagine all of us needing to take a medication.  So I looked for a natural blood sugar leveler and guess what?  I found one!

Apple Cider  Vinegar!

This natural wonder isn’t going to help everyone, but it  may be that your system will hang onto it and stop some of the cascading chains that cause disruption in the body for people who have blood sugar control problems.

Apple Cider will not heal flesh eating skin diseases!  That would be reading everything I’m writing the wrong way around.  Instead I’m saying that there may be things we can do to help keep our immune systems in working order.  We can avoid forcing them to tire out because they are busy keeping our blood sugar controlled.  We can try to eat more healthfully. We can get enough rest. We can follow recommended guidelines on nutrition to get fiber into our diets and we can avoid excess sugars, but we can also take a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day to try to help keep our blood sugar level consistent.

If the illnesses in GA and SC are from Whitmore’s Disease, or from this burkholderia psuedomallei, now known as  melioidosis then we also can take some precautions when working around soil.  Use gloves.  Wash and use antibiotic ointment on any abrasions that have been exposed to soil.   Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them and try not to be out in the weather when this stuff might get aerosolized- like don’t go outside in heavy storms.

There.  I’ve brought you up to date on what I’m thinking about when I worry about necrotizing illnesses.  It’s pretty scary stuff, but I think it’s  always better to be safe than sorry.  Also,  even though we are hearing about it in the news like it’s a new illness, these kinds of issues have plagued us forever.  Most of us probably just didn’t want to know about it in the past.   Now a scary outbreak in Georgia freaks everyone out across the nation thanks to the speed with which  news is spread.

I’m very sorry for the folks that have to deal with this nasty bug,but I don’t think we all have to worry.

Now I’m off  to get my apple cider vinegar!









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