2012 Presidential Platform Survey Crap Part Deux


Guess what? Remember I threw away the last official looking 2012 Presidential Platform Survey?  Well, If you throw away the first official sounding Presidential Survey Crap then you too might get a second one!  It is exactly the same as the first mailing so have no fear, if you toss the first they might send you another.

As it says, ‘after compiling and modeling demographic information for thousands of activists in our database, you were selected to represent voters in your area in the OFFICIAL 2012 Presidential Platform Survey’.

It’s a shame their database doesn’t tell them whether the recipients of their survey are Democrats or Republicans!  I don’t have anything against Republicans, but I’m not all that interested in helping them elect their candidate!  I’ll decide when November gets here.

They also write, ” And no matter what- DO NOT DISCARD THIS SURVEY DOCUMENT!”

Since when does anyone in government have the right to tell me what I can or can’t discard?  My point of view isn’t something I must share just because someone mails me something.  It’s outrageous.

Guess what I’m doing with it?





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