I Created A List Today!

My significant other always tells me to make lists.  I shrug him off with his list making.  It’s anal.  What good are lists I ask.  I insist that my list making would be pointless.  I know what I have to do!  I don’t need lists, I need help getting things done.

He says ” make a list.”

Today, just to be spiteful, I made a list.  I put like seven things that I wanted to get done on the list.  Some of the things were stupid.  I told him that some things that might show up on my lists are stupid things..he said don’t judge your lists, just create them.

My stupid things were things like sort out the utensil drawer.  And I put something about dusting the baseboard in the living room.  I figured they were stupid things that I knew I needed to do, but I’d get around to them when I had time!

Once my list was completed the utensil drawer looked like the easiest thing to do…as well as the stupidest.  I thought for a few seconds and then I said to myself, well, how hard can it be?  It’s only going to take me a minute and then I’ll have something done on my stupid list.

Once I finished the drawer, I pulled out the living room couch to scrub the baseboard..I mean it was on the list of stupid things that had to get done and it wasn’t going to take much time.

Another thing I had on my list was make a cake with rice flour.  I laughed at that one.  I didn’t need to make a stupid cake.  I wondered what I’d need though to make the cake?  Oh, wow, it turns out the ingredients were all in my kitchen..how long could it take to toss together some butter and sugar and eggs and rice flour?

I made the cake.

Lists are stupid!  But I found out that I got a lot of the stupid stuff done because I had written it down!

I’m not going to suggest you write a list. That would be stupid!



Oh, I cleaned out a closet and threw out my second Presidential Platform Survey 🙂




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