Illegal Business!

I’m sort of surprised by the noise surrounding the Rose Garden event today where a reporter from an online  blog asked the President about American’s job prospects while the President was talking about allowing young illegal immigrants to stay in this country without being hounded by his administration or the DHS.

First I’d like to say I don’t have any skin in the game on this, other than the fact that I am here as a legal American, and I’m a law abiding citizen and I sort of expect the same behavior of other Americans including the President!

Second, I understand the folks who are pursuing the Dream Act.  I think that it is smart to accept bright, educated young folks who want to be Americans even if their status is currently suspect.  I mean, they are allowed to go to school in the US.  They are allowed to graduate!  And according to the folks who care about this issue, many of them would be laywers, or doctors, or social workers, or professionals but for their illegal status!

Now back to the President doing something which is apparently illegal.  It looks like he can’t be sued for it.  Congress if it were capable of acting quickly could censure him by creating a law that says he can’t change illegals status.  But he’s allowed to do whatever he feels is good for us, the American people, even if what he’s doing appears backward to most legislators.   This is one of those areas where we run into problems with legal suits taking a long time.   The President probably knows he can do what he wants as long as he’s doing it for “The American  people”  and he probably can’t be sued for it until he’s out of office!  The King isn’t always right!  It just may take forever to prove he’s wrong.

I was interested though in finding out how illegals can work in our country without proper documentation!  And I found out how.  If they are private contractors then they are not required to identify their legal status.  How do you like that?  When applying for college they can leave their social security number section blank.

Again, please be aware that I’m not against having more professionals or more military folks join the United States even if they were born in different countries.  Personally, I think that means the US wins!  I sort of believe in illegal citizens right to Dream.  However, it is my belief, and remember that is an uneducated belief, that here in the US we pride ourselves on something called “the rule of law”.  And so, I feel that right or wrong, if we call something illegal then IT IS ILLEGAL.  Change the laws!

Now, in reality, I know that laws are very difficult to change even when a change is the simplest and apparently smartest path.

No help here is there?  I am for Dreamers, but against illegal behavior.  Some days you can’t win.




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