Under 30? Illegal Alien? Fugeddaboutit!

Obama has just said that his administration will stop deporting young illegal aliens.  If they are under 30 and law abiding and they are enrolled in school, he’s making it easier for them to stay in this country and get work.

Personally, I think that it is a good idea to welcome the people that are here in America.  I recognize the concerns that some people have about welcoming folks who have been hiding their illegal status, but the children Obama is allowing to stay in the country aren’t responsible for the behavior of their parents.  They were almost forced to come along if their parents came to the US.  If they are here and they are law abiding then why not stop pretending they are non-people.  They exist and we are living alongside of them!  At least we should allow them a path to citizenship and an opportunity to create a life for themselves!

My only concerns about this new plan of the President’s is that it seems a little worrisome that these are the same folks that he might want to help re-elect him in November.  Who would you vote for if you were a former illegal alien in this country?  Remember he’s allowing anyone under 30 to stay-I’m just wondering-will those folks have any influence on the Latino vote come election time?

Think about it!





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