Lake Norman Teen Shows Folks In Her Town Are Nuts!

Have you heard about the young lady who has been singled out for having  a photograph show up in the 2012 issue of Lake Norman High School’s Year Book?  The photo shows her sitting there with a program in her lap and you can see her inner thigh just above her knee.  You also can see her other thigh, which makes sense if we assume this young lady had two legs.

What is strange is that parents who saw this image automatically assumed that this young woman was showing her “vagina”.

Okay, I have a bit of a problem with this thinking.  First!  What this young woman would be showing if she were in fact showing anything other than her inner knees would be her VULVA.  The vagina is the cavity or the interior space in a female. It would take a little more doing to show her vagina.

Secondly, if you look at the uncensored image which I admit I did, you would have to assume that her body was “different” than other people’s bodies.  Now surely it is possible for a young woman to be built differently than most of her classmates- but why would we make that assumption?  Why don’t we assume that this young lady is sporting the standard model body.  If we do that then her proportions suggest that it would be impossible to sit in that way and show her baby making parts.

I’m just shaking my head wondering why so many folks are so nutso when it comes to imagining teens are being whorish.  If you teach a young person that it is okay to display their bodies and then you act shocked because they do then who has the real problem?  The teen who feels comfortable sitting without smashing her knees close together?  Or the adult who peers salaciously between her thighs?

I’d like to apologize to this young woman, because I looked at the image, but I didn’t do it to get off on the photo, I did it because I read an article in which the first newspaper to break the story retracted it saying they were mistaken.

I have a feeling that this young woman has a bit of dough headed her way!





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