Mother AGAINST Unions!

I just got a distraught call from my oldest kid.  I’m so angry right now if I were near the Temple University Apartments she lives in I’d be arrested!

There has been some Union protest in downtown Philly because, well because protest is what Unions do, now I don’t object to protest but I do object to protests using techniques that are intentionally disturbing to the people who live in the community!

First it was a large blow up rat.  Who cares about blow up rats?  I mean, it’s cute, I guess the rat designers and builders are union plants.  What do I care if they protest by putting up a rat as long as they have a place to put it that doesn’t bother the people who live there?

Next it was hanging out in beach chairs and yelling.  Okay, again, protests are infamous for getting people’s hackles up.  I am not going to complain about protesting in general.

But now, it’s been a month of the Union morons broadcasting the same sounds in 3o second clips or so.  My daughter called almost in hysterics because she said it was like being waterboarded by sound.  She said that the neighborhood she lives in is mostly filled with college kids and that they had to listen to this crap since finals were taking place!

She finally thought it might be a good idea to ask parents whether it was legal to broadcast this stuff all day!

My advice to her was when you don’t know the answer to something you call everyone and anyone you know in authority and ask them that exact question politely.  And you have all of your friends and their family members call and ask those exact same questions.

I always thought I was for union labor!  I was willing to disregard the strong arm tactics.  I figured if the men were willing to stand outside in adverse conditions then I couldn’t object to their defending their jobs.  But this case has made me wonder what the hell are they protesting.  They say they are protesting 9 dollar an hour jobs at a job that used to be a factory that is being turned into luxury apartments.  The union makes about 63 dollars an hour.  So naturally they are upset with anyone  who  comes in offering less than that per hour, but the guys building the new factory say Philly’s costs outrank the cost to build in Washington DC. They wanted to work together with both union laborers and non-union.  Of course  the union decided to pay it’s guys 5 bucks a day and feed them and set them up next to a large air filled rat and play disturbing music all day so that they can then get in their cars and drive home to the suburbs.  All in the name of defending the rights of folks  living in Philly!

I’m asking what are they defending the city from?  Luxury homes?

Here is an article about the union and the protests in the downtown  area.  Check it out!


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