I Hate Wawa’s Deli Scanners!

In the old days I liked going to Wawa to get my cheese.   I knew it was fresh.  I could get it sliced the way I liked it and it was fast.

That was then this is now.

Now is when Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is enthralled with the scanners at Wawa where you push what you want onto a screen and you get handed your deli  item in minutes.  My problem is choice has become limited too! Romney thinks that is great!  Government should be like Wawa!

Oh, I yearn for the old days when you could talk to the deli person about what you wanted.  Back then you had options.  The way it is now, things are done ahead of time and when you press the button for a pound of American cheese the deli person will hand you a pre-wrapped package of sliced cheese.  But any American cheese aficionado knows that the pieces that come out like those slices that are pre-wrapped are generally higher in oil and less tasty.  Give me  my old American cheese that you could see the slicer marks in when it was almost paper thin!

Someone told me that a friend of theirs goes into Wawa and tells the deli folks that they can’t  read.  That allows them to bypass the stupid scanner.  The problem  with that plan is that in a crowded store you’ll have to wait quite a while for that one on one service.

Sure, personalized service costs more, but I’m not going to Wawa any time soon for cheese!  I’d rather buy a block of it and slice it myself.  It’s cheaper and fresher and I get the kind of cheese I like!

Romney is amazed by Wawa scanners!







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