You May Ask if This Blog is About Pottstown!

Lol,  That reminds me of an old tune, ” You may ask yourself..”  But let’s not get into that right now, right now I want to address those of you who might stumble in here and wonder why this says ” Pottstown’s Blog” when in fact it is just the strange musings of one individual with no real connenction to Pottstown!

I’d understand  if you asked that, I ask it myself sometimes.

But being me, I have the pleasure of having an answer.  You see, when I started this thing there were only a couple of newspapers that even mentioned this town.  I had access to a computer and so I started writing about my take on local news stories.

Then the blogosphere exploded and now you can find intimate stories about almost every aspect of a potential person’s life online.  You can find out lot’s about places like my beloved Pottstown!  It’s all right here in your computer, you just have to know where to look.

For a time I was directing people where to go to find information on Pottstown.  Then I got bored with that when I figured out that my opinion on  what was interesting locally wasn’t the same as other people’s  opinions and frankly, I stopped wanting to play star reporter.

I began to write what I felt like writing about.

I kept the old format.

I still wonder if I should change the name of this blog.  But you know how things are…you get used to things.  I’m used to signing into this particular blog and typing whatever the hell comes into my head.

Some of you, even though you aren’t regular commenters, seem to enjoy stopping in every so often to see what I’m thinking about too.

As I’ve already said, this is a blog about real time in the Pottstown area.  If there is an earthquake, or a flood, or a breaking news story that is more than Mister A pushed and shoved Mister B, or Miss C abused the heck out of Miss D, you’ll find it here!

If I’m aware of something  and I’m near my computer I’m probably going to pop open my trusty notebook and start typing.

Like the past few days it’s been sweltering.  422 started buckling.  If I wrote about that some local would say ” So?”  I also didn’t tell you that I sat outside for a few minutes this afternoon, and my face almost melted off.  Many of you would say “Where is the news?  Everyone’s face was melting off in this area.”

I get that.

But you know what?   All of that stuff , even the apparently mindless inane stuff, it’s sort of important,  it’s evidence that we all live here.  It is part of what makes us “family” here in town.  It isn’t news to most of us, but it is what makes us united.  I guess even the Mister A or Miss C stuff unites us, but I don’t feel like writing about that most of the time.

My experience of my life here in this area is being carved by me  into the stelae of the interwebs.  🙂  It isn’t striking.  It’s sort of mindless at times.  But, at some distant point in the future there will be evidence that we were once  here and that we thought things when this period of time has faded.  I really  like that I’m a part of that.  I like that I’m creating noise that isn’t political, or religious, or commercial.

So there you have it, I’m just here.  I’m physically located somewhere between Phoenixville  and Morgantown,  at a point somewhere between Exton and Boyertown!  I’m not a journalist and I’m not an advertiser.

I’m just mo.  If you want to talk about something with me, feel free.  No one will get your email.  I won’t sell your info to any third party.  I’ll probably just talk to you.




2 thoughts on “You May Ask if This Blog is About Pottstown!”

  1. Hey, I think your blog is fine, no matter if/when/how you wander away from Pottstown-proper! Maybe it’s because I am suscribed to a number of relatively-local blogs, but between all of them, I feel like I actually have some of idea of what goes on even just with a cursory look at subject lines or titles I appreciate your contributions to that!
    Deb P

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