Rest Now Cynthia!

Gosh folks, I feel awfully sad about the passing of a woman who was found lying near the fountain over at the Smith Family Plaza in Pottstown.

I think the coroner sounds a little icy in talking about Ms. Atkinson’s health history, but hey, she was probably homeless right?   Who is  going to object to her being characterized as someone who had a “ton of medical problems”.

Rest now Cynthia, you’ve loosed your earthly bonds!  Find peace.

Here is the information on her that Brandie gave us over at the Mercury-

  • Dr. Walter I. Hofman identified the woman as Cynthia Atkinson, 49, believed to be homeless. Hofman said no next of kin has been identified.
  • He noted that her body temperature “was warm, but not 103 degrees — that’s the national standard for heat stroke or hyperthermia.” Hofman said it isn’t likely, therefore, that Atkinson died as a result of the high temperatures Thursday, or at least not from the heat alone.
  • Hofman said Atkinson had “a ton of medical problems,” and had been seen at a local hospital several times recently.

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