Lonely People? Contact Me Immediately!

The title of this post is a little tongue in cheek.  I mean if you are reading this post then maybe you don’t mind me being frank and saying, I get it.  We are all lonely sometimes, and I understand that some of us are a lot more lonely than others are!

Like look at me  for example.  I’m lonely a lot.  Heh, look who I talk to?!  I don’t know why I’m so lonely.   I mean I’m a nice enough person…I just don’t quite know how to connect in a permanent way with people.  I shy away from that kind of long term commitment.  If I were to try to pin down why I’m sort of reticent with making friends  I’d say it probably stems from my life history.  I mean, it isn’t exactly like I have people hounding me for my attention.  And so I just sort of hibernate sometimes.   And then I feel like an outsider and then I get comfortable with that attitude and I tell myself that we all can’t be people persons…but then I feel confused because I am a people person!  I just get drained sometimes and it feels easier to be a loner.

It’s not though.  Being human is being a social animal.  In cutting off friends I’m cutting off parts of myself.

Do you wish you had someone to talk to?  Do you wish you had someone to show a special object to?  Do you wish you had someone to tell a new idea to?

I’m not that busy.  You just have to reach out.  I’m easily found at mogallant@gmail.com






1 thought on “Lonely People? Contact Me Immediately!”

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