An Obamacare Win Means What?

I’m sure many of you have heard that the Supreme Court has decided that the “Obamcare” law.  Those of you who are left leaning liberals are crowing and those of you who are rabid far righters are grinding your teeth.  But my question is what does this Supreme Court decision mean to most of us?

I think, after doing some quick checking that all of this excitment  means NADA to us regular folks.   Let’s look at why I say that:

1.  Republicans are already trying to do away with the law.  July 11th there is a promised vote from Eric Cantor which will do away with this law entirely.

2.  The law as it stands is already being processed by our insurers and hospitals and health care providers.  They don’t have much choice about deciding which laws they’ll follow even if the President decides he can choose which laws he’ll uphold and which he’ll put off action on.

3.  The most that might have happened is we’ve kicked the problem of healthcare down the road a bit.  It’s my guess that ultimately unless insurers find better ways to pay for the monumental fees involved in providing health care we’ll be talking about this problem for at least the next decade or so.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Okay, now here is my prediction on what the new face of American health will look like-


Did that bold capitalized print make it seem like I was screaming?  If so, GOOD.

While making sure that healthcare is affordable is a good plan, there is a corresponding bad side and that is that people  will still get sick or they will still suffer injuries, or they’ll still age and find their bodies giving out on them and there is no way we can afford “Cadillac care” for everyone!  When Americans overall find that their health is harmed by what looks like a socialized system of medicine then there are going to be some nasty fights!

Unfortunately even the health system hasn’t come up with any miracles to save us from the harms that mother nature foists on us all.  I hate to see all of our energy and effort directed on “taking care” of our health.  I’m afraid that this is what will happen for a while, until consumers make better choices about their health with long term goals in mind.  That is tough for most of us.  I don’t think we mean to make choices about health that are harmful, we just don’t see the immediate dangers so we feel safe.  But have no fear the market will act to frighten us to death to avoid having to shell out enormous fees in care.

It isn’t exactly a pretty picture now that we know Obama’s plan for health care in this country is legal.

I guess like everything complicated there are no easy answers.  It’s great that patients won’t have to worry about taking their medical coverage with them if they move from job to job, and it’s great that young people will be covered on family policies, and it’s great that there will be national care for pregnant women and automatic quality care for their infants, but we are still, at this point operating under the old system in which a lot of people simply prayed to avoid needing hospital care or doctors care.  There will probably be a delay in ramping up the necessary care so that all the people who were out of the picture can somehow fit in!

But hey, you don’t need me to tell you that big problems don’t have easy solutions.  It’s just another day,and we still have major problems ahead of us in terms of providing health to Americans. Which brings me back to the idea that we really need to do the most we can as individuals when it comes to  caring for ourselves.

Don’t ask me what that means though!




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