Coursera.org and Me!

I’m taking a couple of classes online that are free!  Of course I’m not going to get credit for these courses like a student would if they were taking a similar course with the schools who are offering these online courses, but it’s cool nonetheless.

The course I’m taking right now is through the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and it’s given by Emma Meagher who is teaching about pharmacology.

Why do I need to learn about pharmacology? Well, I don’t, but I thought it was fascinating and I wondered what the course would be like.

The first class was rather simple.   I just listened to the instructor and then I answered a couple of questions.

Each Monday a new video lecture is introduced and then you have a week to take the quiz.  I listened to the lecture and took the quiz straight away.  I got 3 out of 3 questions right!

So why am I bragging about taking courses on Coursera?  Cause it’s neat.  As a matter of fact, Coursera wants me to brag about their courses to my friends and I do consider you my friends! 🙂

I’m learning some pretty cool things about pharmacology.  Yes, I made it seem like the classes are easy to listen to, but they are pretty in depth. For example this evening’s course went through the ten methods of introducing drugs to the body.  I learned the difference between subcutaneously and intramuscularly.

Now it’s no biggie for me to differentiate between buccal mucosa and nasal mucosa!  I also know about which type of delivery has a better chance of passing the blood brain barrier.

Go sign up for some classes!




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