Back From Vacation!

Hi everybody.  I just got back from a rather long trip.  Well, it was long for me.  We went to South Carolina and while it was a wonderful getaway, I’m kind of tired of being away from home…know what I mean?

First we went to a South Carolina State Park called Poinsett.  It was filled with big old trees draped in Spanish Moss.  The cabin we stayed in was fully appointed with a huge and I mean huge central air unit.  In S.C like in W. Va cabins have linens and dishware.  It is a very nice amenity.  We drove down on the 4th of July and Poinsett is located near Shaw Air Force Base which was going to be celebrating the 4th with “the biggest fireworks display in the Carolinas”…Well, let me tell you that for all of the South’s bragging about their fireworks, Pottstown has them beat!  ( Of course I didn’t see the display this year, but comparing years past, well, I missed being home for the display.)

Anyhow, we stayed at the park for a couple of days traveling to South Carolina’s inland lake Lake Marion which is ginormous.  There is a state park there as well called Santee and we tried to check out the round shelters, or cabins that are near the water there, but no luck cause they were all occupied.

Saturday morning we left Poinsett and traveled to Cherry Grove in North Myrtle Beach.  We have been staying at a little cottage down there for the past couple of years and it’s right on a lake/inland bay.  It’s nice to view the marshy grass and we bring our canoe and kayak to paddle back there.  Well, this year there was a bit of excitement when a young lady hooked a shark while fishing in that back bay/lake.  I’ll tell you that put a damper on my wanting to go kayaking!

I’ll upload the video of “Sarah’s big ass shark”…but be forewarned there are some colorful words when Sarah and her family are surprised by the little toothmonster.  By the way, I found out that this took place because I was out on my back deck and I heard the folks who had caught the shark tell their neighbor next door that they were going live on GMA in just a few.  I saw the neighbor say okay and then she rushed into her house.  I thought gee, that is strange…but then I realized that they were going to be on TV.  So I dashed in and turned on Good Morning America to see the ” spot of the day” where they were featuring this family and their catch.

So when you check out the video you’ll see where I was on vacation!  Only I was across the water sort of catty corner to them facing the marsh.  Zoiks!

I’m going to go find the video but I wanted to say my biggest worry about being that far from home is my anxiety about my home.  It isn’t that I live in the finest of houses, and it isn’t as if my things are all that valuable, but still they have such personal meaning that it’s hard to go away and not worry about rather stupid things like did we lose any electricity in a storm?  Or did I remember to water the plants?  Or who is going to put the trash out?

I’m the kind of person that worries about the little things, which is sort of nice most of the time because that makes me the kind of person that usually remembers everything!  It’s just hard when you are remembering things and you are over 600 miles away.

So, if anyone is going on vacation in our area  and you need someone to drop by your house to make sure the mail is in, or the outdoor cats have food and water, or your trash can gets dragged back, or your outdoor plants get watered then just call me!  Or email me!  I’ll charge you for my time, but we’ll both feel better about you being away from home!  And I’m probably pretty cheap compared to other services that charge you for year round protection.

Thanks for those of you who dropped by even if I wasn’t doing any updating.  I didn’t fall off the planet.  I just went down south to see some palmetto trees!  And a shark 🙂




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