Do You Snore? Try Yogic Breathing!

Have you ever had to sleep with someone who snores?

I’m guessing that a lot of you, especially those of you who are coming just because of the title of this post have had experience with snoring- either you are doing it and are being pestered about it, or someone you love is doing it and you are worried.

I would like to start out by recommending you talk to your physician.  There are health consequences associated with sleep apnea and it isn’t something to fool around with if you are suffering with it.

That said, for some folks there might be a way to reestablish healthy breathing techniques that might stave off the need to take medication, or have surgery, or wear a breathing mask which is cumbersome and noisy.

When you see a baby breathe they are often silent.  I can’t remember the times I had to stand over my infants beds with my hand on their bellies to assure myself that they were breathing and sleeping soundly.  What you notice when you touch their abdomen’s though is they are really using their diaphragms to breathe.  Adults stop breathing that way for some odd reason.  A lot of us start taking chest breaths and we rely on our upper larynx muscles to haul air in while we sleep.  A snorer may start snoring immediately upon closing their eyes.  If that is true, then this might indicate that they aren’t belly  breathing.

Belly breathing can be silent.  Try sitting quietly and inhale not by making a lot of noise but just by extending your abdomen.  Really press it out there.  Now contract it and you will probably find yourself exhaling just as quietly.  The diaphragm was intended to help you breathe, your nasal passages were not!

I’m no expert.  I’m just fond of finding natural solutions to natural situations.  And when I noticed that someone I cared about started snoring as soon as their head hit the pillow I was suspicious that there was something going on physically that was leading to the noisy inhalations and the painful sounding delays in breathing.    I asked them to think about their breathing when they were standing upright- when nature helps the diaphragm move up and down.  Then I asked them to use those muscles while laying down.  It took some concious control, but then this person fell sound asleep with a much easier pattern of breathing.

I’m not an expert in anything!  Have I made that clear?  I’m just relating an experience I had.  I’m just putting my experience out there and if anyone else is interested I’m glad.

Sleep softly!





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