Henry David Thoreau

He’s a hoot!  To whooo, To whooooo!

Have you read or heard anything Thoreau has written about his period of semi-isolation out on Walden’s pond?  It’s pretty gripping stuff which is funny because he’s often writing about sitting in his doorway facing scrub pines from dawn till noon while nothing happens.

I liked one particular lesson he taught me.  He was talking about the dawn, not as a period of time that can be checked on a watch.  Instead he was saying that all of our days should be filled with the feeling of newness and that we should experience dawn at any time of the day.  Each new day we throw off our “somnolence”.  That is true especially if we are lucky enough to wake on our own when our bodies are ready for a fresh start, rather than being awakened by a machine like a clock  that we set to disturb us from sleep, it is  then when we awake on our own that our sense of being awakened is close to thrilling.  It is then, at that moment that we are the most ready to start our day.

I never thought of dawn in that way.

So yesterday, after a bit of storm passed I looked out my back window and I saw some wispy fog floating through some trees on the tiny hill behind my house.  I imagined it was dawn and I imagined what it would feel like to step outside in that new day.  It was pretty darned exciting!

Today I’m going to hope you experience the dawn!  Do it any time you can!




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