What Happened To That Used Furniture Consignment Shop on Rte 100

The other day I noticed that shop over near Daisy Point Road which I hadn’t even visited had closed!

I was so glad that they had opened and suddenly they were closed.  I guess there wasn’t a lot of business for them.

I really like the idea of re-using things.  It makes me feel good to see and touch things that I know were loved by other people.  If I have a choice between a brand new living room and a gently used but gorgeous dated set I think I’d tend to choose the older pieces as long as they were well cared for.  I’m sure famous furniture makers are glad that I’m part of a small minority.

It isn’t only furniture that appeals to me if it’s used.  I also like cookie jars and table cloths and garden statuary and art.  I’ve been disheartened all too often after trusting a glowing package blurb.  You must know how it is.  You think you have something wonderful only to find it’s at best only satisfactory.  What a bummer.

With used goods, you can see the items because they are generally loose and unpackaged.  What you see is what you get.  I have learned to like that.

Anyhow, I was sad to see the consignment store didn’t take off and I hope that something else livens up that corner soon.



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