I’m finding I’m not half as smart as I thought I was!

Remember I told you about Coursera?

Well, I signed up for four classes.  I figured what can it hurt?  They are free.

What I hadn’t planned for was the intensity of each of the courses.  These professors aren’t playing school with their students.  They are teaching actual courses that are really really hard!

I just wrote an essay for a course on Science fiction about the Brother’s Grimm.  It was an open essay on anything I thought would be pertinent for another intelligent student in my class.  That sounded easy peasy at first!  I mean, really, how hard could it be to write about fairy tales?

Zoiks!  It wasn’t hard at all till I sat down and started doing it.  The first couple of essays I wrote were embarrassing.  They were words with no meaning.  Then I came across a  poet who said something about the Grimm Brother’s tales and suddenly I knew I had to rewrite an essay with that as my starting point.

The poet by the way was W.H. Auden and I’ll show you the bit of his poem entitled September 1, 1939 that inspired me:


“The lights must never go out,

The music must always play,

All the conventions conspire

To make this fort assume

The furniture of home;

Lest we should see where we are,

Lost in a haunted wood,

Children afraid of the night

who have never been happy or good.”




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