Has Ragu Lost Their Advertising Minds?

I don’t usually watch TV so most of the time I’m not paying attention to ads.  This evening while watching a show on FX I saw several Ragu commercials and I’m just surprised at what they think is a helpful ad.

I recognize that ads aren’t about imparting helpful messages- that part of their design is just to catch viewers attention, but sheesh don’t they think it might be a good idea to think about how parents are going to feel about their product after viewing their commercials?

First commercial showed a young boy dressed like a little man looking for his Mom.  He apparently opens a door to find Mom and Dad en flagrante delicto.
I’m thinking that image isn’t going to promote intimacy between parents who are probably already worried about the kids!

The second commercial has this young man lifting his head with what appears to be a razored head, drawn on glasses and I think a stache.  He says it’s a bad idea to fall asleep at sleep overs!
I’d like to know what Ragu’s ad department was thinking in creating these spots?

What do you think?




My Fellow Bloggers Are Moving On!

It is strange  when I get the urge to  check out other local sites and I find that they aren’t active.  It makes me feel sad and sort of nostalgic for the way things were when there were lots of local bloggers posting or venting here online.

It’s quieter now, sort of like everyone has moved on to new ventures leaving little old me behind typing like mad right here in my living room.

I know that the Mercury has been supporting the “blogging community” and I am grateful for their support, but I have sort of excluded myself because I know they invited people to join with them because of  a unique focus on a particular career, or hobby, or business that they enjoy.  I on the other hand signed a waiver saying I can’t talk about the company I work for!  How do you like that?  I’ve been gagged by the man! 🙂

Sometimes I worry that I’m not as sophisticated as some of the Mercury’s modern day bloggers, but then I recognize that I am what I am…warts and all, and right now this is the best I’ve got-a collection of snippets of my real life here in the Pottstown area.

Thanks for visiting.  Come back soon and say hello once in a while so I don’t look like a tard!




My Last Essay Was On Dracula!

I’m taking that Coursera.org class on Science Fiction which is pretty cool.  Through that class I’ve learned a lot of things, for example I’ve learned I have no idea where commas belong!  But I have a feeling that if I stick with this course I’ll learn amazing things.

So far I’d say I’ve learned quite a bit.  Like I’ve learned that some folks can really read deep!  I tend to read rather shallowly I guess, like I won’t read fiction and think of the Oedipal confusion of the main characters.  Instead I just think they are the stuff of the author’s fevered brain.

The last book I read was Dracula- talk about fevered brains!  Stoker caught something in that novel that transcends time thanks in part to some of those deep readers we were just discussing.  Folks can explore the meaning of his story and ask  themselves if it was about prudish victorian sex or about raging  xenophobia.

I read it and thought a little bit about it’s symbolism, but I don’t  give Stoker  credit for being an occult  philosopher!  To me he was a guy who liked writing and who had some ideas churning around in his head and he had to put them to paper to soothe his passion for writing.

While no one is required to read more about the author’s we are learning about, I took the opportunity to read a few more of Stoker’s works.  I wasn’t very impressed.  I read one book and honestly, I put it aside in disgust.  I wasn’t willing to consider his “victorian perspective” when I read about Oolanga.

I’m still trying to shake some of those ugly sentences from my head.

You guys had better watch out though, I’m going to keep getting better and better at writing essays!  Then this blog will knock your socks off!






Photo Snapping Phones!

I asked my husband to snap a photo every once in a while when he’s out and about at work just to let me know he’s thinking of me.

I was trying to be sacharine sweet…it came off sounding kind of demanding, but that is beside the point!

The point is that my husband snaps photos that are rather unique.  Like today he snapped a shot of a fox that had mange.

I asked him ” Where in the world did you spot a mange covered fox?”

He told me.

I asked why did you take a picture of it to send to me?

He said “I thought you liked pictures.”

“Of foxes with mange?  Forget that right now…why did you take  a picture of this fox?”

“It was looking at me.”

“Oh.  And um, where were you?”

“In a parking lot.”

Well, after a little more probing I found out that  he had arrived at a location where he was meeting with some folks and right before he stepped out of the car he saw this creature come up to him as if it expected him to feed it or something and so, rather than get out of the car and have a confrontation with this balding creature, he sat there and took a picture of it.

The fox realizing he wasn’t going to get fed…must have wandered off but my husband got a final shot of a wistful fox looking back over his shoulder as Tom snapped another photo.

He sent that to me too.





I’m Eating My Rose of Sharon!

Did you know that the Rose of Sharon, a plant that grows about 8-10 feet high with purple or pink flowers is edible?

I just found that out myself!  Forgive me for not telling you how to eat it, I worry that if I did that and it turns out that my information is inaccurate I could be accused of telling people to poison themselves.  WHICH I AM NOT!

I don’t know how I found  out about it.  I think I noticed that the scientific name was hibiscus and that reminded me of a drink mix I got at Redner’s which was made with hibiscus flowers.  I thought they were some kind of foreign exotic plant and here I have them growing like weeds in my backyard.

I sent one of my daughters out to grab a branch.   She came back in with the tiniest couple of flowers on a branch about 2 inches long.  I asked what it was.  She said” it was the part of the plant without bees!”

I said I’m going to need 6 cups of this for making a syrup and she said ” Mother, did you hear me?  I said there were bees out there.”

Hmmm, apparently the bees have known all along that my plant was edible!





Wondering about Passports!

I’m wondering if passports were always intended to keep American’s in the country.  Like, I get that it is convenient to have a program in place to control the flow of people across counties borders, but honestly, we’ve allowed a system to grow up  that doesn’t allow us to leave the country!

I have to go back in history to see what controls, other than economic, that existed for early Americans…or maybe I’ll even look at other countries.

My guess is that we’ve accepted that a passport is like our having the stamp of our leader.  It’s like having the King’s seal on our papers.  But it’s not the same as that at all!

What do you think?



Oh, hold on, I was corrected by my astute daughter who said you can buy your own plane..or you can dig a hole and travel from place to place.


Fairgrounds Farmers Market in Reading!

Guess where I was today?

How did you guess?  heh

I was at the farmer’s market and I love it there.  I got meat and eggs and veggies and I bought Wensleydale cheese which is very good, it reminds me of port wine cheese spread but it has more of a cream cheese body and mine had cranberries in it.  Weird huh?  Deliciously weird!

It was funny being there at about 9 am.  People were busy buying slices of pizza and barbecued chicken.  It seemed wrong but it was so busy that time seemed unimportant.

I got some “chicken pot pie” which always freaks me out because it isn’t a pie!  It was wonderful.  I had homemade wheat bread with that and fresh peas.  Yummy.

Money really has to stretch and I might as well get the best I can for my dollars.  I figure I can either buy stuff that has been processed and shipped long distances, or I can buy stuff that is locally grown or made.

It seems far till you drive straight up Rte 724, get onto Rte 12 and get off at the 5th St. Highway.

Have a great weekend!





I’m Not Thrilled With Paul!

I’m a Democrat, always have been and I imagine I always will be but I’m not the kind of Democrat that only votes party lines.

I was almost willing to vote for Romney this coming election.   I changed my mind.

I’ve got to tell you Paul Ryan made it easy for me to give up any idea that I might vote Republican this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the guy is sincere.  I just don’t think he’s aware of how much harm his kind of thinking can do to people.

While I agree in principle that freedom from government control would set the economy free – I don’t accept that a free economy would be the highest moral good in society.

Republicans want to see a limited government; one that does things like protect American interests in the world without much control over things like education, or health care, or the environmental resources of the nation- but those things are so important that we can’t just hope that some self interested business person decides to stake his or her future on investing in them.

Besides, what does investing in the environment mean? Does it mean keeping green spaces?  Or does it mean allowing logging and oil fracking or even stupid things like selling t-shirts in national parks?

Who decides these things?  Should these decisions be made at the ballot box by all American citizens?  Or should they be made in board rooms by the wealthiest in our society with the additional input from their foreign investors?

I happen to think that we should continue to try to engage the public to vote, not just to get “entitlements” but to create a future that is acceptable to a majority of American citizens.

I don’t think I can say that Barack Obama is the answer…but I won’t get in line with the limited government gang because I do not agree with guys like Paul Ryan who say that “rights don’t come from the government” that instead they come from God.   He’s making a false argument and he’s hoping people fall for it.

Rights may come from God and not from Government… but they can damn sure get encoded into laws that protect individual rights, or societal rights here in America!  I want my fellow Americans to be part of making that happen.  Not lobbyists and not just politicians!

It can’t hurt to hope.  ( despite what Ayn Rand says)







Editing I Don’t!

You will have to forgive me for the improper form and structure I sometimes, no let’s be honest, that I often use on this blog.  I’m a great thinker but a lousy editor.  When I write something it makes sense but I’ve noticed that when I go back to reread something I’m often thrown for a loop not having a clue about what I meant to say.

Honest, I’d like to fix that, but if I had that talent then I would be doing it right in the first place wouldn’t  I?  I imagine some of you thinking I’m a lazy schmuck who can’t be bothered to use good grammar.  Notice me nodding in total agreement.

I may agree I”m lazy, but I’m not changing my style, at least not all at once.  No, nstead I have to beg you, my constant readers, to continue along with me.  Just read what I write as if I’m talking…add your own punctuation if I’ve forgotten it.  Work with me! 🙂