Forget My Post About Outlook!

I just tried to send my first email from the new outlook account I set up.  You’d think that would be easy enough wouldn’t you?  But it wasn’t!

Unless I give them my cell phone number which I’m sort of unwilling to do, they assume that I’m a robot.  And if I can’t figure out their puzzles, you know those lists of numbers and letters that are morphed into odd twisted shapes, if Ican’t figure them out I’m a robot and I don’t get to send my email.

Now I can “confirm I am who I say I am” by giving them my cell number and having them call me , but honestly I think it’s a scam.   I  just typed in 2 puzzles and each time it said ” the characters do not match”.


I am not a bot, I’m a human, but I failed their human test.

That is a lesson to me!



PS, I still have my chosen email accounts with them, whether I use them or not.



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