My Science Fiction Class is Fun

Remember I told you I was taking a Coursera course?  Well, I said I was taking the pharmacology course…and I did take the first couple of classes seriously, but then I had signed up for a class on Science fiction and that one is more fun!  So if anyone was expecting me to pass the pharmacology course, mea culpa!

The first essay I had to write for Eric Rabkin’s course was about the Grimm Fairy tales.  I wrote about my impression that those fairy tales weren’t intended to be presented in a volume.  I thought that they were oral tales that lost their  flavor when they were divorced from people’s lives.

It’s one thing to instill a life lesson with a story, it’s quite another to read an entire selection without any personal meaning.

I submitted my essay and some of my fellow students graded it.  Boy was that tough.  The good news is I did very well.  I’m not saying I got top grades, but I am really pleased with my classmates reviews.

Now we are looking at Alice in Wonderland.  I’ll share a bit more in another post!



Oh, take a course with me, we can discuss it together!



2 thoughts on “My Science Fiction Class is Fun”

    1. Mark,
      I am taking a course by Professor Adelman in World History, and one by Peter Struck which deals with Greek and Roman myth. I signed up for a course in Networking, but I just don’t have a natural fluency with arithmetic, so I was lost a couple of times. If I’m going to take a course in math I need more of a hands-on experience. I’m Mo at Coursera too. It would be fabulous to see you in class! ( The peer grading thing is horrible, but I love it.)

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