A. Hydrophila and You!

Today in the news I heard about yet another poor dude who was attacked by the nasty skin eating germ A. Hydrophila.  It bothers me a little because I don’t understand why these relatively healthy seeming young folks are being laid out by this bacteria- and sometimes it’s within hours!

This guy was apparently fishing in new waders and they rubbed a blister on his foot and the bacteria entered the wound and his leg swelled up and guess what?  They had to amputate his leg!

Health authorities don’t seem to be concerned because they know that this illness takes out about a thousand people a year…or so they think so a case here and a case there isn’t freaking them out.  It still freaks me  out.

Since I of all people value what I think, I decided that I had to know more about this creepy bug.  Well, now I know a little more and I’m not really thrilled with the stuff I found.

You probably won’t believe me, hell, I don’t believe me, but trust me I’ll be looking further into this stuff- A. Hydrophila has been proven effective in removing dye coloration from water.

Who wants to remove dye from water you ask?  Manufacturing plants that use dye.  See, dye with its carcinogenic materials, is pretty tough stuff when plants empty it back into the regular waste stream.  For one thing enviromental folks hate it when their water turns a funky color, and for another thing plant scientists know that dumping this stuff into local waterways isn’t a great plan because the dyes properties prevent the local plant life along the waterways from getting energy.  In other words they often die.  Now if you were a dye user would you want to empty funky colored water into your local waterway so that it killed all the local plant life?

I’d say you wouldn’t!  So, you’d do what you needed to do to remove the coloration from the dye.  But how would you do that?  I’m not going to go into the chemistry here, suffice it to say that a brilliant scientist laid out his method of removing coloration from dyes by using our good friend A. Hydrophila!

Does that mean that all of this Aeromonas Hydrophila bacteria  that is now attacking people has been planted there by manufacturing companies???

NO.  I didn’t say that and I certainly don’t mean that.

I  mean that something that once was a mild annoyance might have been mass propagated in order to solve a problem..and um, unfortunately  there might be a tiny new problem… we’ll just have to figure out a way to deal with this one!  I hope that the new solution isn’t just removing people’s body parts!

I’m just shocked that we are happily  producing these dyes that are proven carcinogenic!   Doesn’t it bother anyone else that our waste treatment facilities probably have carcinogenic waste floating around in them..or are we all happy that that dye waste  isn’t as colorful after it gets shaken up with aeromonas hydrophila.




Please note, if you don’t trust me, prove me wrong!  I won’t be disappointed honest.


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