Editing I Don’t!

You will have to forgive me for the improper form and structure I sometimes, no let’s be honest, that I often use on this blog.  I’m a great thinker but a lousy editor.  When I write something it makes sense but I’ve noticed that when I go back to reread something I’m often thrown for a loop not having a clue about what I meant to say.

Honest, I’d like to fix that, but if I had that talent then I would be doing it right in the first place wouldn’t  I?  I imagine some of you thinking I’m a lazy schmuck who can’t be bothered to use good grammar.  Notice me nodding in total agreement.

I may agree I”m lazy, but I’m not changing my style, at least not all at once.  No, nstead I have to beg you, my constant readers, to continue along with me.  Just read what I write as if I’m talking…add your own punctuation if I’ve forgotten it.  Work with me! 🙂




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