Potassium Iodide Pills!

Montgomery County Health Department is giving out the KI pills to protect citizens in the event of a disaster at the Limerick Generating Station.

Yesterday we could have stopped at PMMC to pick them up, but of course I didn’t see that until after the event so I called the Health Department and I spoke to the receptionist and she told me I could come in any day Monday through Friday  and fill out some information and they would give me enough pills for me and my family so that in the event of a problem when they say it’s necessary to take the pills I’d have them to take.

They are located at 364 High Street in Pottstown and while I believe they are open till 4:30, the receptionist suggested I could come in anytime up until 4pm.

Let’s hope none of us will need to take the Potassium Iodide, but you know me, better safe than sorry!



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