Rainy Day in Pottstown!

While I’m glad to get rain, I am a little tired of  the heavy cloud cover in the area lately.  Somehow I don’t seem to remember August being quite so overcast in the past, but who knows, maybe I just conveniently forgot, eh?

Things have been relatively quiet for me recently.  I don’t have a lot to report as I’m sure some of you have noticed but that is cause I’m a little busy getting some last minute memories in with my second child who is about to head off to college in a little over a week.

I was talking with a friend yesterday, and I said I’m a relatively smart person and yet, I didn’t really imagine the time when my kids would fly off into their own worlds.   I mean I knew they’d grow up…it just never felt real.  Now it is real and I’m mourning their being little.

This too shall pass!

I’ve always been so proud of my kids…they’ve always been kind and smart and they are problem solvers rather than whiners.  They think of others and they are respectful.  The only thing I’ve ever had a problem with,well the biggest thing I’ve had a problem with,  is the fact that they’ve each lived in messy spaces.  I can’t recall how many times I asked them to straighten up their rooms!  But that was the worst problem I ever had and now seeing how organized and immaculate they are as they mature into young adults makes me see how silly I was to ever have worried about them having an unmade bed or clothes strewn on the floor or a side chair.

I’m never going to be able to forget the day I sounded panicked and freaked out about a bedroom mess.  One of my kids put her hand on my shoulder and very gently and sweetly said, ” it’s okay Mom, I’ll fix it for you.”

And now that damn space will be empty and I’m crying cause I’m thinking about  wanting, if not needing  to toss a hoodie on the floor just to make it feel like my babies are still here.

Aaack.  I’m still suffering growing pains!



PS- You make sure you love the folks that surround you!  Promise!



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