Sending Good Thoughts to the Kelly’s of South Coventry!

Jill Kelly is a lucky girl!  Her mom just dropped her off at friends yesterday when that huge storm ripped through out area.  A tree came down right on top of their house and crashed through what would have been Jill’s room!

I’m thrilled the family is doing fine and I hope they’ll get back into their home soon.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw the crack of lightning that took out that tree!  There were several bolts that struck with no delay in the thunder and my youngest daughter and I even felt the house almost roll with one of the strikes.

I’m also proud of young Paul Kelly for being smart and safe and for knowing to contact his Mom before checking out the damage on his own.

While I don’t think any of us can guard ourselves against freaky accidents of nature, I know that we can remind our children how to be safe in storms.  For example when I heard and saw that huge crack of lightning I was standing by a large window and I decided it might not be the smartest thing to  continue standing there till the storm had passed!

In a heavy lightning/thunder storm you don’t want to be using electronics that are sensitive to surges.  You don’t want to be playing with anything electric.  You don’t really want to be on the phone, unless it’s cellular ( I don’t remember hearing any warnings for cell use during a storm).  You certainly don’t want to be outdoors and if you are outdoors find shelter but NEVER under a large tree!

I know this stuff seems so simplistic…but then what is the harm in at least going over safety rules for your family in case of a freak summer storm?  Are you saying there isn’t any harm in it?  Well then?  Go remind the people you love to stay safe!



2 thoughts on “Sending Good Thoughts to the Kelly’s of South Coventry!”

  1. Where are all the Tree Huggers when something like this happens? They probably have remorse about losing one of their precious tree darlings.

    1. What an interesting attitude. I’m not sure why you are mocking “Tree Huggers”, but since I’m a fair-minded person I’m going to allow you to say your piece even though I don’t understand where the hell you are coming from…so um, thanks for commenting.

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