Fairgrounds Farmers Market in Reading!

Guess where I was today?

How did you guess?  heh

I was at the farmer’s market and I love it there.  I got meat and eggs and veggies and I bought Wensleydale cheese which is very good, it reminds me of port wine cheese spread but it has more of a cream cheese body and mine had cranberries in it.  Weird huh?  Deliciously weird!

It was funny being there at about 9 am.  People were busy buying slices of pizza and barbecued chicken.  It seemed wrong but it was so busy that time seemed unimportant.

I got some “chicken pot pie” which always freaks me out because it isn’t a pie!  It was wonderful.  I had homemade wheat bread with that and fresh peas.  Yummy.

Money really has to stretch and I might as well get the best I can for my dollars.  I figure I can either buy stuff that has been processed and shipped long distances, or I can buy stuff that is locally grown or made.

It seems far till you drive straight up Rte 724, get onto Rte 12 and get off at the 5th St. Highway.

Have a great weekend!




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