I’m Not Thrilled With Paul!

I’m a Democrat, always have been and I imagine I always will be but I’m not the kind of Democrat that only votes party lines.

I was almost willing to vote for Romney this coming election.   I changed my mind.

I’ve got to tell you Paul Ryan made it easy for me to give up any idea that I might vote Republican this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the guy is sincere.  I just don’t think he’s aware of how much harm his kind of thinking can do to people.

While I agree in principle that freedom from government control would set the economy free – I don’t accept that a free economy would be the highest moral good in society.

Republicans want to see a limited government; one that does things like protect American interests in the world without much control over things like education, or health care, or the environmental resources of the nation- but those things are so important that we can’t just hope that some self interested business person decides to stake his or her future on investing in them.

Besides, what does investing in the environment mean? Does it mean keeping green spaces?  Or does it mean allowing logging and oil fracking or even stupid things like selling t-shirts in national parks?

Who decides these things?  Should these decisions be made at the ballot box by all American citizens?  Or should they be made in board rooms by the wealthiest in our society with the additional input from their foreign investors?

I happen to think that we should continue to try to engage the public to vote, not just to get “entitlements” but to create a future that is acceptable to a majority of American citizens.

I don’t think I can say that Barack Obama is the answer…but I won’t get in line with the limited government gang because I do not agree with guys like Paul Ryan who say that “rights don’t come from the government” that instead they come from God.   He’s making a false argument and he’s hoping people fall for it.

Rights may come from God and not from Government… but they can damn sure get encoded into laws that protect individual rights, or societal rights here in America!  I want my fellow Americans to be part of making that happen.  Not lobbyists and not just politicians!

It can’t hurt to hope.  ( despite what Ayn Rand says)







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