I’m Eating My Rose of Sharon!

Did you know that the Rose of Sharon, a plant that grows about 8-10 feet high with purple or pink flowers is edible?

I just found that out myself!  Forgive me for not telling you how to eat it, I worry that if I did that and it turns out that my information is inaccurate I could be accused of telling people to poison themselves.  WHICH I AM NOT!

I don’t know how I found  out about it.  I think I noticed that the scientific name was hibiscus and that reminded me of a drink mix I got at Redner’s which was made with hibiscus flowers.  I thought they were some kind of foreign exotic plant and here I have them growing like weeds in my backyard.

I sent one of my daughters out to grab a branch.   She came back in with the tiniest couple of flowers on a branch about 2 inches long.  I asked what it was.  She said” it was the part of the plant without bees!”

I said I’m going to need 6 cups of this for making a syrup and she said ” Mother, did you hear me?  I said there were bees out there.”

Hmmm, apparently the bees have known all along that my plant was edible!




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