My Fellow Bloggers Are Moving On!

It is strange  when I get the urge to  check out other local sites and I find that they aren’t active.  It makes me feel sad and sort of nostalgic for the way things were when there were lots of local bloggers posting or venting here online.

It’s quieter now, sort of like everyone has moved on to new ventures leaving little old me behind typing like mad right here in my living room.

I know that the Mercury has been supporting the “blogging community” and I am grateful for their support, but I have sort of excluded myself because I know they invited people to join with them because of  a unique focus on a particular career, or hobby, or business that they enjoy.  I on the other hand signed a waiver saying I can’t talk about the company I work for!  How do you like that?  I’ve been gagged by the man! 🙂

Sometimes I worry that I’m not as sophisticated as some of the Mercury’s modern day bloggers, but then I recognize that I am what I am…warts and all, and right now this is the best I’ve got-a collection of snippets of my real life here in the Pottstown area.

Thanks for visiting.  Come back soon and say hello once in a while so I don’t look like a tard!



2 thoughts on “My Fellow Bloggers Are Moving On!”

  1. I, for one, Mo, think you have tons to contribute – STILL – just as you did when your first blog started. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Keep blogging on that about which you’re most passionate: the stuff you encounter every day and find fascinating. I’m still reading (although I comment far less now), and I know others do too. Best regards,

    Joe Zlomek

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