My Last Essay Was On Dracula!

I’m taking that Coursera.org class on Science Fiction which is pretty cool.  Through that class I’ve learned a lot of things, for example I’ve learned I have no idea where commas belong!  But I have a feeling that if I stick with this course I’ll learn amazing things.

So far I’d say I’ve learned quite a bit.  Like I’ve learned that some folks can really read deep!  I tend to read rather shallowly I guess, like I won’t read fiction and think of the Oedipal confusion of the main characters.  Instead I just think they are the stuff of the author’s fevered brain.

The last book I read was Dracula- talk about fevered brains!  Stoker caught something in that novel that transcends time thanks in part to some of those deep readers we were just discussing.  Folks can explore the meaning of his story and ask  themselves if it was about prudish victorian sex or about raging  xenophobia.

I read it and thought a little bit about it’s symbolism, but I don’t  give Stoker  credit for being an occult  philosopher!  To me he was a guy who liked writing and who had some ideas churning around in his head and he had to put them to paper to soothe his passion for writing.

While no one is required to read more about the author’s we are learning about, I took the opportunity to read a few more of Stoker’s works.  I wasn’t very impressed.  I read one book and honestly, I put it aside in disgust.  I wasn’t willing to consider his “victorian perspective” when I read about Oolanga.

I’m still trying to shake some of those ugly sentences from my head.

You guys had better watch out though, I’m going to keep getting better and better at writing essays!  Then this blog will knock your socks off!





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