Photo Snapping Phones!

I asked my husband to snap a photo every once in a while when he’s out and about at work just to let me know he’s thinking of me.

I was trying to be sacharine sweet…it came off sounding kind of demanding, but that is beside the point!

The point is that my husband snaps photos that are rather unique.  Like today he snapped a shot of a fox that had mange.

I asked him ” Where in the world did you spot a mange covered fox?”

He told me.

I asked why did you take a picture of it to send to me?

He said “I thought you liked pictures.”

“Of foxes with mange?  Forget that right now…why did you take  a picture of this fox?”

“It was looking at me.”

“Oh.  And um, where were you?”

“In a parking lot.”

Well, after a little more probing I found out that  he had arrived at a location where he was meeting with some folks and right before he stepped out of the car he saw this creature come up to him as if it expected him to feed it or something and so, rather than get out of the car and have a confrontation with this balding creature, he sat there and took a picture of it.

The fox realizing he wasn’t going to get fed…must have wandered off but my husband got a final shot of a wistful fox looking back over his shoulder as Tom snapped another photo.

He sent that to me too.




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