Has Ragu Lost Their Advertising Minds?

I don’t usually watch TV so most of the time I’m not paying attention to ads.  This evening while watching a show on FX I saw several Ragu commercials and I’m just surprised at what they think is a helpful ad.

I recognize that ads aren’t about imparting helpful messages- that part of their design is just to catch viewers attention, but sheesh don’t they think it might be a good idea to think about how parents are going to feel about their product after viewing their commercials?

First commercial showed a young boy dressed like a little man looking for his Mom.  He apparently opens a door to find Mom and Dad en flagrante delicto.
I’m thinking that image isn’t going to promote intimacy between parents who are probably already worried about the kids!

The second commercial has this young man lifting his head with what appears to be a razored head, drawn on glasses and I think a stache.  He says it’s a bad idea to fall asleep at sleep overs!
I’d like to know what Ragu’s ad department was thinking in creating these spots?

What do you think?




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