I’m Not Thrilled With Paul!

I’m a Democrat, always have been and I imagine I always will be but I’m not the kind of Democrat that only votes party lines.

I was almost willing to vote for Romney this coming election.   I changed my mind.

I’ve got to tell you Paul Ryan made it easy for me to give up any idea that I might vote Republican this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the guy is sincere.  I just don’t think he’s aware of how much harm his kind of thinking can do to people.

While I agree in principle that freedom from government control would set the economy free – I don’t accept that a free economy would be the highest moral good in society.

Republicans want to see a limited government; one that does things like protect American interests in the world without much control over things like education, or health care, or the environmental resources of the nation- but those things are so important that we can’t just hope that some self interested business person decides to stake his or her future on investing in them.

Besides, what does investing in the environment mean? Does it mean keeping green spaces?  Or does it mean allowing logging and oil fracking or even stupid things like selling t-shirts in national parks?

Who decides these things?  Should these decisions be made at the ballot box by all American citizens?  Or should they be made in board rooms by the wealthiest in our society with the additional input from their foreign investors?

I happen to think that we should continue to try to engage the public to vote, not just to get “entitlements” but to create a future that is acceptable to a majority of American citizens.

I don’t think I can say that Barack Obama is the answer…but I won’t get in line with the limited government gang because I do not agree with guys like Paul Ryan who say that “rights don’t come from the government” that instead they come from God.   He’s making a false argument and he’s hoping people fall for it.

Rights may come from God and not from Government… but they can damn sure get encoded into laws that protect individual rights, or societal rights here in America!  I want my fellow Americans to be part of making that happen.  Not lobbyists and not just politicians!

It can’t hurt to hope.  ( despite what Ayn Rand says)







Editing I Don’t!

You will have to forgive me for the improper form and structure I sometimes, no let’s be honest, that I often use on this blog.  I’m a great thinker but a lousy editor.  When I write something it makes sense but I’ve noticed that when I go back to reread something I’m often thrown for a loop not having a clue about what I meant to say.

Honest, I’d like to fix that, but if I had that talent then I would be doing it right in the first place wouldn’t  I?  I imagine some of you thinking I’m a lazy schmuck who can’t be bothered to use good grammar.  Notice me nodding in total agreement.

I may agree I”m lazy, but I’m not changing my style, at least not all at once.  No, nstead I have to beg you, my constant readers, to continue along with me.  Just read what I write as if I’m talking…add your own punctuation if I’ve forgotten it.  Work with me! 🙂




A. Hydrophila and You!

Today in the news I heard about yet another poor dude who was attacked by the nasty skin eating germ A. Hydrophila.  It bothers me a little because I don’t understand why these relatively healthy seeming young folks are being laid out by this bacteria- and sometimes it’s within hours!

This guy was apparently fishing in new waders and they rubbed a blister on his foot and the bacteria entered the wound and his leg swelled up and guess what?  They had to amputate his leg!

Health authorities don’t seem to be concerned because they know that this illness takes out about a thousand people a year…or so they think so a case here and a case there isn’t freaking them out.  It still freaks me  out.

Since I of all people value what I think, I decided that I had to know more about this creepy bug.  Well, now I know a little more and I’m not really thrilled with the stuff I found.

You probably won’t believe me, hell, I don’t believe me, but trust me I’ll be looking further into this stuff- A. Hydrophila has been proven effective in removing dye coloration from water.

Who wants to remove dye from water you ask?  Manufacturing plants that use dye.  See, dye with its carcinogenic materials, is pretty tough stuff when plants empty it back into the regular waste stream.  For one thing enviromental folks hate it when their water turns a funky color, and for another thing plant scientists know that dumping this stuff into local waterways isn’t a great plan because the dyes properties prevent the local plant life along the waterways from getting energy.  In other words they often die.  Now if you were a dye user would you want to empty funky colored water into your local waterway so that it killed all the local plant life?

I’d say you wouldn’t!  So, you’d do what you needed to do to remove the coloration from the dye.  But how would you do that?  I’m not going to go into the chemistry here, suffice it to say that a brilliant scientist laid out his method of removing coloration from dyes by using our good friend A. Hydrophila!

Does that mean that all of this Aeromonas Hydrophila bacteria  that is now attacking people has been planted there by manufacturing companies???

NO.  I didn’t say that and I certainly don’t mean that.

I  mean that something that once was a mild annoyance might have been mass propagated in order to solve a problem..and um, unfortunately  there might be a tiny new problem… we’ll just have to figure out a way to deal with this one!  I hope that the new solution isn’t just removing people’s body parts!

I’m just shocked that we are happily  producing these dyes that are proven carcinogenic!   Doesn’t it bother anyone else that our waste treatment facilities probably have carcinogenic waste floating around in them..or are we all happy that that dye waste  isn’t as colorful after it gets shaken up with aeromonas hydrophila.




Please note, if you don’t trust me, prove me wrong!  I won’t be disappointed honest.



Potassium Iodide Pills!

Montgomery County Health Department is giving out the KI pills to protect citizens in the event of a disaster at the Limerick Generating Station.

Yesterday we could have stopped at PMMC to pick them up, but of course I didn’t see that until after the event so I called the Health Department and I spoke to the receptionist and she told me I could come in any day Monday through Friday  and fill out some information and they would give me enough pills for me and my family so that in the event of a problem when they say it’s necessary to take the pills I’d have them to take.

They are located at 364 High Street in Pottstown and while I believe they are open till 4:30, the receptionist suggested I could come in anytime up until 4pm.

Let’s hope none of us will need to take the Potassium Iodide, but you know me, better safe than sorry!




Sending Good Thoughts to the Kelly’s of South Coventry!

Jill Kelly is a lucky girl!  Her mom just dropped her off at friends yesterday when that huge storm ripped through out area.  A tree came down right on top of their house and crashed through what would have been Jill’s room!

I’m thrilled the family is doing fine and I hope they’ll get back into their home soon.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw the crack of lightning that took out that tree!  There were several bolts that struck with no delay in the thunder and my youngest daughter and I even felt the house almost roll with one of the strikes.

I’m also proud of young Paul Kelly for being smart and safe and for knowing to contact his Mom before checking out the damage on his own.

While I don’t think any of us can guard ourselves against freaky accidents of nature, I know that we can remind our children how to be safe in storms.  For example when I heard and saw that huge crack of lightning I was standing by a large window and I decided it might not be the smartest thing to  continue standing there till the storm had passed!

In a heavy lightning/thunder storm you don’t want to be using electronics that are sensitive to surges.  You don’t want to be playing with anything electric.  You don’t really want to be on the phone, unless it’s cellular ( I don’t remember hearing any warnings for cell use during a storm).  You certainly don’t want to be outdoors and if you are outdoors find shelter but NEVER under a large tree!

I know this stuff seems so simplistic…but then what is the harm in at least going over safety rules for your family in case of a freak summer storm?  Are you saying there isn’t any harm in it?  Well then?  Go remind the people you love to stay safe!




Rainy Day in Pottstown!

While I’m glad to get rain, I am a little tired of  the heavy cloud cover in the area lately.  Somehow I don’t seem to remember August being quite so overcast in the past, but who knows, maybe I just conveniently forgot, eh?

Things have been relatively quiet for me recently.  I don’t have a lot to report as I’m sure some of you have noticed but that is cause I’m a little busy getting some last minute memories in with my second child who is about to head off to college in a little over a week.

I was talking with a friend yesterday, and I said I’m a relatively smart person and yet, I didn’t really imagine the time when my kids would fly off into their own worlds.   I mean I knew they’d grow up…it just never felt real.  Now it is real and I’m mourning their being little.

This too shall pass!

I’ve always been so proud of my kids…they’ve always been kind and smart and they are problem solvers rather than whiners.  They think of others and they are respectful.  The only thing I’ve ever had a problem with,well the biggest thing I’ve had a problem with,  is the fact that they’ve each lived in messy spaces.  I can’t recall how many times I asked them to straighten up their rooms!  But that was the worst problem I ever had and now seeing how organized and immaculate they are as they mature into young adults makes me see how silly I was to ever have worried about them having an unmade bed or clothes strewn on the floor or a side chair.

I’m never going to be able to forget the day I sounded panicked and freaked out about a bedroom mess.  One of my kids put her hand on my shoulder and very gently and sweetly said, ” it’s okay Mom, I’ll fix it for you.”

And now that damn space will be empty and I’m crying cause I’m thinking about  wanting, if not needing  to toss a hoodie on the floor just to make it feel like my babies are still here.

Aaack.  I’m still suffering growing pains!



PS- You make sure you love the folks that surround you!  Promise!