My Science Fiction Class is Fun

Remember I told you I was taking a Coursera course?  Well, I said I was taking the pharmacology course…and I did take the first couple of classes seriously, but then I had signed up for a class on Science fiction and that one is more fun!  So if anyone was expecting me to pass the pharmacology course, mea culpa!

The first essay I had to write for Eric Rabkin’s course was about the Grimm Fairy tales.  I wrote about my impression that those fairy tales weren’t intended to be presented in a volume.  I thought that they were oral tales that lost their  flavor when they were divorced from people’s lives.

It’s one thing to instill a life lesson with a story, it’s quite another to read an entire selection without any personal meaning.

I submitted my essay and some of my fellow students graded it.  Boy was that tough.  The good news is I did very well.  I’m not saying I got top grades, but I am really pleased with my classmates reviews.

Now we are looking at Alice in Wonderland.  I’ll share a bit more in another post!



Oh, take a course with me, we can discuss it together!



Clair’s Restaurant in Morgantown

The other day my daughter and I felt like going out for lunch and she suggested we head to Morgantown up Rte. 23.  So we did!

We wound up going to a little place across from the Rite Aid up there and I loved it.  The food was okay, certainly nothing to write home about, but the place was frozen in time back in the late 50’s early 60’s.  Don’t go expecting anything fancy.  The place is painted a nice tan.  The tables are booths and the wood tables are worn but clean.

I ordered my usual, a turkey club, it came with a bag of chips.  My  daughter ordered a tuna melt.  She also got homemade fries and they were pretty delicious.  I had to taste test them several times.

After lunch we each had a dish of ice cream not because we were so hungry but because it was so charming to be sitting in there that I just had to indulge my self.  I remember being a kid and sitting at a long counter getting a milkshake.  I had to treat my little’un.

Remember, when I mention some place it isn’t because I’m getting any kickbacks.  I don’t advertise my site and I don’t ask for any credit if they get more visitors.  I mention places I like to go!

I like Clair’s Restaurant.




Forget My Post About Outlook!

I just tried to send my first email from the new outlook account I set up.  You’d think that would be easy enough wouldn’t you?  But it wasn’t!

Unless I give them my cell phone number which I’m sort of unwilling to do, they assume that I’m a robot.  And if I can’t figure out their puzzles, you know those lists of numbers and letters that are morphed into odd twisted shapes, if Ican’t figure them out I’m a robot and I don’t get to send my email.

Now I can “confirm I am who I say I am” by giving them my cell number and having them call me , but honestly I think it’s a scam.   I  just typed in 2 puzzles and each time it said ” the characters do not match”.


I am not a bot, I’m a human, but I failed their human test.

That is a lesson to me!



PS, I still have my chosen email accounts with them, whether I use them or not.



Want A New Email? Try Microsoft’s Outlook.

I signed up for an Outlook account over at outlook.com.  I will keep my gmail account but I’ll try using the new address for personal mail.  Not Bot mail!

I have to admit I sort of hate it when I’m reading a letter or writing one and I notice the advertisements seem to be paying attention to what is on the page.  Half the time the ads aren’t spot on, so I’m not so sure their algorithms are working properly, but I can see the connections and I hate it.

Outlook at least promises a little more privacy when it comes to personal mail.  They’ll still be advertising but it won’t be about chinese food when you are talking about studying Chinese to a friend.  When someone sends you an email telling you they have some extra tickets to a show, you won’t have to read ads about other entertainment venues in your locale.

I got a “thank you for being one of our first users” note which I think is cool.  How often does that happen anymore online?  It was easy to sign up and I liked that if I forget my password, I can get a text to my phone, or an automated call.  Or I can just go check another email account.  I don’t have to remember the name of my first hairless pet.  Or my first teacher with bad breath.

Check out Outlook.com, if not for any reason other than grabbing your preferred name for yourself before someone else does!