Everyone Needs Vacations!

Hi again,

I know it has been ages since I talked last, but I was asked to take up the keyboard again, and I figured it was about time.

This has been such a busy summer for me.  I have two children “out of the nest”, and that hit me harder than I would have imagined.  You can see the last entries before my vacation were just before the start of the new college year.  I’m in absolute amazement that my little tiny girls grew up.

I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to local news.  Instead I was working on getting a certificate in a couple of college courses online.  Now I know that some people don’t think online education stands a chance because it’s tough to be teaching or attending a class with 40,000 students.  But who cares?  I’m being taught by some pretty marvelous people who are real names in their fields. 

I’ve also discovered that when it comes to writing argumentative essays, I’m almost incoherent.  Okay, that isn’t exactly true, but I wanted to get every single paper I submitted returned with glowing remarks;instead, my peers viciously ripped apart my submissions. But I wouldn’t give up, and thanks to their scathing and unbridled criticism I think I’ve become an even better writer.( Although, let’s not ask them to review this blog.  They are probably busy)

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I hope you have a lot to look forward to this fall.  I hope we’ll keep visiting.




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