Diaper Polymer Factory in Japan Goes Boom

You are probably wondering why you should care about a polymer manufacturer in Japan.  Let’s see:

Nikon Shokubai’s chemical plant explosion might impact you if you use absorbent products like Diapers, or Adult care napkins, even feminine hygiene products.

The company makes a polymer known as SAP in the business.  It is a polyacrylic acid that is powder in form, but it swells to absorb water.  I’ve got some concerns about using this stuff with infants anyhow, because there hasn’t been a lot of testing on whether or not it is cancer causing, or toxic to humans.

I guess all we know right now is this material might be a bit more expensive in the future and that is bound to show up as a price increase on something as common as baby diapers!
What can you do?



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