Hey Pottstown! Are You Going to Vote?

This morning driving to work through town I heard our local NPR station advertising for a program they are doing which I think they are calling “Beyond the Ballot Box”.  But the way it was mentioned was odd.  I heard the lovely lady announcer ask  people  who weren’t going to vote in this upcoming election, to listen in.

Not going to vote?  Why that is a scary proposition isn’t it? Look, I understand that a lot of people have decided that voting doesn’t matter.  People don’t want to have to pick the best out of  two.  Some of us are let down by party politics.  Americans want their vote to matter, and anyone who has learned anything about the Electoral College sure has  legitimate concerns about being “unheard”, but the point is, this is our system.  If we want to change it we have to do it from the inside.  The outside is a happening place, but no one on the inside will recognize the voices that are not part of the process.  Voting is your best chance to make a difference- now and later.

Here are the choices- Incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama, or former Governor Mitt Romney who is a Republican.  I’m not trying to be insulting in naming the two main candidates, I’m just stating it as plainly as possible.  On election day, in less than what?  5 weeks.  Make a choice.

Pundits will try to guess at what people like you, or like me will do.  And whatever we decide they’ll tell us one of two things.  Our vote will be wrong for this country, or they’ll convince themselves that our votes are absolutely right for our country, but you know what?  You  don’t  need to listen to them.  You are an American.  You make your choice.  Be a strong, engaged citizen.




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