Feminism and Me

I’m a feminist even though it’s hard to explain exactly what being one means.  Most people don’t talk about their “isms”, but I think it’s safe to say that we all have them.  If you were painting me with them I’d like you to include things like my Americanism, or my Catholicism, which later melded into my “Methodism”.  But I’d choose one term to define me that I know a lot of women tend to shy away from and that word is “feminism”.

Being a feminist makes me want to support things like women’s rights.  Like, I believe that women are intelligent and beautiful beings and I hate to see anyone tearing them down on the basis of their sex.  If that is a bad thing – I couldn’t care less.

Being a feminist forces me to ask questions about who I am as a woman.  I think it’s a reasonable question.  What makes me different from a man?  It isn’t just the way I look.  It isn’t the way I talk.  It isn’t the way I use tools.  It isn’t the way I learn.  It helps me to see connections that I have with other women.

Being a feminist doesn’t make me hate men. I don’t want to rule them, I don’t want to hurt them, I don’t want to emasculate them. The truth is I have quite a few men in my life that I’m more than incredibly fond of! 🙂 As a feminist I really want  men to be men (whatever that means to them as individuals),and I’d like it if all women were offered the same freedom.  It’s that simple.

I think a lot of people get upset about feminism when they connect it with another “ism”, “Lesbianism”.  That sort of makes me sad; I’m not going to try to explain that love can exist between people with similar body parts- if you don’t get it, I hear you, but in my opinion, that is  a very limited view of love.

I’m a feminist.  I’ll admit it’s complicated to describe what it means, it’s hard to live it sometimes too; I’m going to keep working on it.





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