Floaters in Your Eyes!

Gak! , I’m getting old.  Thank goodness I get to read my significant other’s subscription to AARP’s magazine.   I just read about floaters showing up in aging eyes.  Two years ago I wouldn’t have known what they were talking about, now I know.  The other morning I woke up, and I  looked at the ceiling in my bedroom that I was about to paint, and I saw something fuzzy.  At first I thought it was the ceiling so I blinked my eyes and looked again.  Now that stupid fuzzy thing drifted slightly down and to the right.  I thought I was dying.   Don’t ask me how, I had just woken up.  I was sure eye floaters were a sign of something dreadful and tragic.

Turns out I’m just old!  You see, as we age our eyes can and probably will develop those little fuzzy floating bits and as long as we aren’t seeing dozens of them, or they aren’t disturbing our vision, then we’re probably safe. ( Please know however, that I’m just sharing something I read in my AARP magazine, and I am not dispensing health advice.  If you have a question about your eyes, please make sure you see your eye care specialist.)

After I saw those fuzzy bits in my eyes,and I figured out that I wasn’t dying, I did that thing where you scrub your fists into your eyes, and the good news is that my vision cleared.  ( Note- I AM NOT SUGGESTING ANYONE SCRUBS AT THEIR EYES IN ORDER TO CLEAR THEIR VISION).

It worked for me!  Now I need my reading glasses to find out what else is going to happen to me.

Oh good, I might become lactose intolerant.  I’ll gain more weight.  I won’t be as sensitive to allergies, but that is because my immune system is giving up the ghost.  Sheesh, when do I get to the good parts?




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