Inexpensive Meat

My eyes bulged when I saw the prices of meat at the supermarket the other day.  Prices are going crazy!  Anyhow, I know that a lot of people aren’t comfortable buying inexpensive cuts of beef because they never know what to do with them.  Sure, there are hundreds of recipe sites online, but they don’t write recipes based on what kind of meat is on sale locally, so while this site isn’t going to be a hotbed of meal ideas- I will share what I know when I can.

The other day I bought eye of round steaks.  Generally I don’t like purchasing these because unless you braise them gently  you often end up eating something that tends to remind me of shoe leather.  But they were on sale and I didn’t like the idea of paying 15 dollars for another selection.  I got ground beef and these steaks.

My package was about a pound and it amounted to 3 four to five inch medallions that were about a half inch thick.  No one in my house would be happy with a half a 3 inch round steak, so I cheat.  ( not really)  I sliced it into 1/2 inch sections  and browned it all in a little bit of butter.  When you brown the outside quickly the meat retains the moisture better than it would if you slow cooked  it. Plus I think it adds flavor.

I removed the beef from my pan, added onions, garlic and peppers and heated them till they were softened.  I added a little red wine vinegar, some worchestershire sauce, and a smidge of soy and then I mixed up a soup of taco  seasonings and added 12 oz of water.  I tossed it into my slow cooker and my house smells like a dream.  By this evening, the meat will be tender and I’ll serve it over rice with veggies on the side.

I think I paid a little over 4 dollars for the meat.  Gosh, I remember when it was dear at $3.59.  Oh well, we didn’t need all that meat anyhow in our diets.

How do you keep costs down with meals? If you have any tips, feel free to share them here.




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