Sad Story of Amanda Todd

I’m not going to link to the video that shows Amanda detailing her story of abuse by bullies and an online stalker.  Basically Amanda did something childlike in flashing her breasts as a young kid and someone used those photos to attack her.  Police were sent to her house and she then described how she felt depressed, she self-medicated, tried to find friends, and began cutting.  She tried to kill herself and failed, she tried again, only this time, unfortunately poor little Amanda succeeded.

I wish I knew what to say to prevent children from believing in hate.  Of course it exists and it’s a real thing, but it’s invisible to most of us who aren’t feeling it directly.  It’s almost like  cancer that eats away at a young person.  It’s hard to root it out once it sets it’s disgusting barbs in a child’s heart.

I know that our society is trying to deal with bullying in schools, and on playgrounds, but obviously that isn’t enough.  Our kids are living in a toxic environment!  Hate exists and unless we face it and we show our kids how to deal with it, we’ll never displace it.  We have to drive it out of our schools, and kick it out of our communities!

The only thing worth hating is hate itself!



I’d like to extend my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Amanda, I know it won’t make a difference, but it just breaks my heart to see how much she was hurting.  I’m sorry.





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