Almost 48!

How on   earth does it happen?  Once upon a time I was 16 and now suddenly I’m about to be 48 years old.  I mean, I was aware that time was moving along, as I finished high school and moved on to working life and then I got married and we had three children, but still it’s sort of shocking to me to acknowledge that almost a half a century has passed and while everything has changed in my life — I’m still very much me.

My sweet husband has been pestering me about my gift.  He’s worried about not getting the right thing.  First I told him I wanted a robe so that I could snuggle up in at night while I read. That idea didn’t appeal to him much.  He didn’t like the idea of me having my own “snuggie” because he says he likes it when I snuggle up to him.  After 28 years of marriage I guess that in itself is quite a birthday present to me!

Ten years ago I’d have wanted to go out and have dinner, maybe go dancing.  Now, not so much.  It isn’t that I don’t enjoy going out and having a nice time; it’s just that I’d rather enjoy myself at home with the people that mean the most to me.  Unfortunately, a few of them are going to be away soaking up knowledge at big institutions on the East Coast.  Sigh.  Maybe they’ll remember to call.

A friend at work reminded me my birthday was Friday.  I mean, I knew it was approaching, I just didn’t pay attention to the actual day.  We laughed.  I’ll bet that she doesn’t even realize what a present her playful teasing was to me!  It is so wonderful to have friends who make fun of  me for forgetting which day is  my birthday.

Twenty years ago I would have wanted presents, and a cake, and maybe some drinks after a nice dinner.  Now I want hugs, and I want time to just sit and enjoy the people I love.

I’m going to be 48 tomorrow and while I’m still absolutely 100% me, I’ve changed over the years.  Once I was sure that birthdays meant streamers and cake and champagne and gifts, and now I’d really be okay with a comfy robe and a dinner with my youngest followed by some phone calls with my oldest kids.

I’m laughing because I’m thinking a robe plus champagne might be nice too.

Happy Birthday Me!  And Happy Birthday to my friends who are also celebrating being born in October!


old mo




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