Buy Some Books For Toddlers!

I was just reading over at the Daily Mail about a University of Pennsylvania study ( I know, why am I reading about this local study in a newspaper from England??)  Anyhow, the study seems to suggest that children who are read to, or who have books in their home when they are 4 years old, will do better as older teens when it comes to thinking and communicating.  When older children, who were 8 years of age, got books, or had parents or caregivers read to them, they didn’t have the same brain changes later in life.

I can tell you first hand that I have seen little children fall in love with books.  In fact, in my real life  job, I introduce children to books and instructional toys.  If you need help getting your kids to read, just send me a note!  I’ll get back to you at NO COST to you!

But it’s easy to share a book with a toddler. You can pick them up at yard sales, ask friends for used books, or  contact people like me!  Tiny children need books, they might not appear to be interested in them immediately, but teach them to hold them, and teach them that they can relax by paging through them, and most importantly, give them the gift of hearing your voice while you read them some of their favorite stories.

For those of you who have children who prefer being online, I’ve created a small collection of stories that children can view in video format at my other blog called “Pottstown Reads”.  Let them view the online stories and then amaze them with a paperback version of the story they’ve read  online!  They’ll love it.

I don’t make any profit from this website, and I don’t pay any attention to who visits,( other than noticing where my visitors are coming from).  I won’t sell your name, and I’m not interested in signing you or your children up for some tutoring classes.  I’m just a regular person, I live in the area, and you may have seen me at the supermarket, or at church events, or at local activities.  I really do have a job in which I read stories to toddlers and I reallydo want Pottstown area parents to introduce their kids to reading!  That is my story.  Don’t believe me?  I’ll provide references.

You want to change the world?  Read to a child!



By the way, contact me at mogallant@gmail.com






2 thoughts on “Buy Some Books For Toddlers!”

    1. Hi Mark!

      I contacted the Dolly Parton foundation and it seems that we aren’t in their area just yet,so we’ll see what is necessary to maybe make that happen.

      Thanks so much for the link though. It’s a great idea and I’m glad you are part of it.

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